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  • This is a quick loan with minimal paperwork.
  • Quick online application
  • You will repay us on you salary date.
  • One month to 12 month to repay your loans.
  • You can build a positive credit rating.
  • Payments of loans will be made directly into your bank account.
  • Debit orders will run on your salary payment date.
  • You will not fall into a debt spiral.
  • Quick payout.


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 R15 000:
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1 month to 12 months

Everyone needs a quick loan some or other time in our lives. That is why we are here, to help you out with loan. 

You can qualify for a loan of up to R15 000 and up to 12 months to repay.

We are a registered credit provider and registered with the National Credit Regulator.

In order to qualify for a quick loan you need to complete the online application in full. You will need to tell us about yourself, your employment and how you have repaid your previous accounts. 

You will have to concent to a credit enquiry so that we can see how you have paid your other loans and consumer accounts.

On application and once approved we will provide you with a loan quote. You will then have a second option to take up the loan or to decline it. It is entirely up to you.



*You can now go to our application page. *Please complete it in full to avoid any delays. *Do not apply if you cannot afford it. *Be honest with your answers. GOOD LUCK....!!